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  Bakuradze Andrey


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Freedom as the Value of the Cossacks

  The author analyzes the main views on the origin of the Cossacks as a social community and substantiates the claim that the value of freedom is one of the basic values of life of the Cossacks. It is concluded that it was manifested in the"Cossack will "and in the unique system of Cossack self-government, which was focused both on the organization of the life of the Cossack communities, and the satisfaction of various social needs of each Cossack and Cossack woman. It is proved that the transformation of the Cossacks into the service class of the Russian state did not make significant changes in the way of life of Cossack villages and farms, because the Cossacks still recognized the value of freedom. At the same time, it was combined in the Outlook of the Cossacks with the value of society and the state, which became the basis of the Patriotic orientation of the Cossacks.


Key Words: cCossacks, Cossack, value, freedom,"Cossack will self-government, way of life..




Geoffrey Klempner,

Nikitin Grigoriy


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Formation of the Gamer Subculture in the Information Age


Gaming is a peculiar phenomenon of the information age, which combines the intrinsic human desire for competition and rivalry with the modern capabilities of information technology. Gamers are not only participants in the game, they become part of virtual reality through identity with their avatars, game images, representing one of the “products” of electronic culture, by which we mean the totality of the results of creativity and communication of people in the context of introducing IT innovations, characterized by creating a single information space, virtual form of expression, distance technology, content liberalization.   



Key words: subculture, gamer, avatar, game images, information technology, electronic culture, communication, IT innovation, information space, content.






Geoffrey Klempner,

Eric DeJardin

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Luciano Floridi’s Concept of Philosophy of Information

  The article explores the concept of philosophy of information, developed in the 1990s by the Italian philosopher Luciano Floridi. L. Floridi’s Philosophy of Information was published by Oxford University Press. In his work, L. Floridi formulated 18 problems of the philosophy of information. The solution of these issues is especially important for the development of a new branch of science called philosophy of information. By L. Floridi, modern society is characterized, on the one hand, by the presence of human beings, and on the other, by any artificial formations and things or objects of this material world. Technologization in developed societies affects more and more different areas that affect the human being: the sphere of communication, production and consumption of goods, life, art, health


Key words: information, philosophy of information, heuristics, philosophical problems of computer science, reontologization, reengineering





Yenikeyev Anatoliy


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Hermeneutics and Analytical Philosophy in the Context of the Pragmatics of a Philosophical Text

The paper covers the determining of the role of hermeneutics and analytical philosophy of language in solving the problem of pragmatics of a philosophical text. The pragmatics of the philosophical text is understood as part of modern research trends in the field of humanitarian culture. Hermeneutics and analytical philosophy, along with postmodernism, are the most popular “discursive practices” in the field of text philosophy. The paper considers and analyzes three main perspectives of interaction between these discursive practices: (1) the institutional nature of the modern philosophy of text; (2) communicative strategies for the development of contemporary humanitarian discourse; (3) a shift in the “epistemological paradigm” of modern research in the field of cultural philosophy. A comparative analysis of Western and Russian concepts of pragmatics of the philosophical text is carried out. It is concluded that the pragmatics of the philosophical text, as an actual problem of modern research, is an expression of the “linguistic turningpoint” in the philosophy of the 20th century and meets the requirements of modern postmodern culture.   



Key words: philosophy of a language, pragmatics of a text, hermeneutics, analytical philosophy, postmodernism.






Marchenkova Yekaterina


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The Determinants of Social and Cultural Development of Belarus in the Polish–Lithuanian Period

  The article identifies a complex of basic factors defined as the cultural traditions of the Belarusian society in the context of their influence on the basic parameters of economic dynamics. In this regard, several periods are distinguished in the history of Belarus. The article represents the sociocultural characteristics of the development of the Belarusian society during the periods of the existence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Particular attention is paid to the specifics of cultural and religious life and political characteristics. These factors had a great influence on the formation of the national psychology of Belarusians and determined the patterns of development of its economic institutions. The analysis shows an enclave combination of civilizational characteristics of the West European and East Slavic (Russian) types. The principal features of the Belarusian sociocultural environment are the weakening of religious traditions and the dominance of corporate principles.


Key Words: social development, sociocultural background, national psychology, social modernization, economic development, cultural tradition.




Pavlenko Valeriya


Sverdlenko Vladlen


Sukhoverkhov Anton


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Architectural Archetypes: From the Harmony of Number to Deconstruction 

The article touches upon the identification of socio-philosophical foundations of historic and paradigmatic archetypes in the design of buildings and is aimed at the conceptual generalization of various architectural styles. The work shows the development of architecture in accordance with the historically emerging individual and social worldviews, spirit of the times. It also shows the critical influence of philosophical views of different eras on theoretical and aesthetic content of art and architecture. It is stated that the diversity of architectural forms of different eras can fit into three main conceptual styles, which can be described as: (1) architecture of numerical harmony; (2) bionic architecture; and (3) architecture of deconstructionism. It is argued that all other styles can be considered as different conceptual (paradigmatic) variants of these three defining styles   



Key words: golden ratio, bionic architecture, deconstructivism, architectural styles, philosophy of architecture.






Pesotskaya Yelena


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A Hermeneutical Analysis of the Phenomenon of Subjectiveness in M. M. Bakhtin’s Cultural Heritage (the Aspects of Technical and Cultural Singularity)

  The article analyses the instrumental significance of M. M. Bakhtin’s legacy for philosophical thought and modern culture in general. For this purpose, the relevance of identifying the basis of knowledge and the hermeneutic potential itself through philosophical methodology as a universal one is shown. The latter opens the horizons of deep reading of a person whose stay in the world has come as close as possible to the state of technical and cultural singularity, symbolizing a special moment in the accelerating development, in which the maximum complexity of the technical sphere, anthropological challenges, and anthropological, social, and technological crises are predicted. In this situation, the meta-design of a man, through which the possibilities of human being in modern technical culture are revealed and explored, is introduced. The sphere of human subjectivity is defined as the field of simultaneous expression of meanings, values, and articulation of the objective in both their value and procedural aspects.


Key words: man, culture, technical culture, technical sphere, being, existence, cognition, hermeneutics, text, meaning, methodology, subjectiveness, tradition, language, sign.




Vardanyan Gohar


Poghosyan Diana


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Assessment of Seasonal Fluctuations in the Tourism Sector According to the Data Provided by the Republic of Armenia
The aim of the current study is to identify the seasonal fluctuations in the field of tourism in Armenia based on quarterly data for the last 4 years. The simplest methods for determining seasonal components are the use of the moving average method and the design of an additive or multiplicative model of a time series. The dynamics of people entering and leaving Armenia is determined by seasonality. Throughout all these years the highest indicator was recorded in the third quarter. The analysis showed that if we exclude the seasonal component, the number of visitors would increase by 10,055, and that of travelers would increase by 9,598 in each quarter due to the effect of main development tendency and other factors.   



Key words: tourism, seasonal fluctuations, additive model, arrivals, departures.





Voskanyan Gohar


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Analysis of Food Security in the World and in Armenia
  Food security is a situation that exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. The problem of food security is present in almost all countries of the world, and this problem deepens with the growth of the world’s population. Food security is seen as a global problem, and we need a unified approach in order to solve it. That is why the Sustainable Development Goals were designed to improve people’s lives, and states must work together to achieve this goal. The article presents the main legal acts related to food security and self-sufficiency ratio of the basic foodstuffs in the Republic of Armenia, to the poverty level by type of settlement, the level of education etc.


Key words:food security, challenge, self-sufficiency ratio, poverty, education




Gorda Aleksandr


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Global Imperatives of Transformation of the Global Monetary System

The paper covers the current trends in the functioning of the global monetary system and the determinants of its formation. The author characterizes the imperatives of the transformation of the global monetary system, the main of which are: transnationalization; regionalization and clustering of business; diversification of operating activities in the markets for goods, services, and investments; issuance and unprecedented dynamization of cryptocurrency circulation; strengthening the asymmetry of financial markets and monetary policies; a critical increase in mutual debt obligations. The problems and prospects of the transformation of the world monetary system are described taking into account the current dominance of the US dollar, the trends and prospects for the formation of a global currency system based on existing and planned regional currency systems are identified. The characteristics of the institutional interaction of the world monetary system with national systems are described. The strategic goals and conceptual foundations of the development of the global monetary system are outlined.   



Key words: world monetary system, floating exchange rate, dollarization, cryptocurrency.





Gorda Olga


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Features of the Formation of the International Labor Market in the Context of Digitalization
  The article determines the modern specifics of labor activity, shows the objectivity of the emergence of new forms of labor organization in the digitalization of the economy, and analyzes the digitalization trends of the world labor market. The author states that the prerequisites for adapting to new forms of labor using digital technologies that are available in high-income countries can be considered formed in our time. Only in the USA and EU countries has the registration of new forms of employment been introduced, which corresponds to the methodology of the ILO Committee of Experts on non-standard forms of employment. It has been established that the high level of development of the digitalized labor market in these countries is determined by the fact that the population acts as employers and employees in the global market for outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and freelancing services. Freelance self-employment is the fastest growing segment of the digitalized labor market in the US and EU countries.


Key words: digitalization, digitalized labor market, freelance, outsourcing, crowdsourcing, coworking




Lesnykh Olga


Yakusheva Yuliya


Nikitina Tatyana


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Valuation of the Impact of Credit Risk on the Institutional Characteristics of the Banking System of the Russian Federation

The article provides a valuation of the impact of credit risk on the institutional characteristic of the banking system of the Russian Federation. Credit risk is important for the banking system. At the same time, the value of credit risk increases every year. It is connected with a slowdown in 2014 after the start of the economic crisis. As a result, the debt level of the Russian economy has begun to grow. The crisis was especially acute in consumer lending. All this contributed to an increase in the level of credit risk, which the Central Bank of the Russian Federation had to respond to. In particular, additional measures were introduced to evaluate the borrower. It is concluded that credit risk has a strong influence on the institutional characteristic of the Russian banking system.   



Key words: credit risk, institution, Russian banking system, Central Bank of the Russian Federation, banking.





Sorokina Anastasiya


Yarotskaya Yelena


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The Use of the Method of Correlation and Regression Analysis to Assess the Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on the Dynamics of the Provision of Land in Federal Property for Private Housing in Krasnodar Krai
  This article aims at identifying possible macroeconomic factors affecting the amount of demand among the citizens for purchasing an individual residential house, in order to determine the optimal strategy in the field of managing federal land resources in the territory of the city of Krasnodar. During the statistical analysis, a significant correlation was established between the process of territorial involvement in the individual residential development sector and the four indicators characterizing the socio-economic environment of Krasnodar Krai. As a result of consideration of this issue, it was concluded that it is advisable to use the obtained regression model to solve the problems of territorial planning in the framework of the development of individual housing construction. In addition, this approach will contribute to achieving the prospects for sustainable development of Krasnodar City and creating comfortable conditions for the life of the population.


Key Words: correlation and regression analysis, federal property, private housing, strategic planning, demand factor.


  Bazulina Anna


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A Complex Problem of the Formation of Legal Awareness

The article considers the issue of legal awareness of the individual, relevant in the light of the development of new approaches to the problem of crime. The author, based on the opinions of criminologists, examines the unlawful motivation of the individual, identifies several types of the motives that guide people with a low level of legal awareness: self-affirmation, self-justification, substitute motives, and game motives. The author considers the structure of justice, which consists of two components: legal ideology and legal psychology. The first structural element is characterized by representations, concepts, judgments about legal reality, and the second is expressed in the form of assessments, moods, emotions regarding legal reality. A distinctive feature of legal ideology is the fact that it does not occur spontaneously, but is assimilated by the purposeful understanding of the right by specialists, then the population can assimilate it with the help of legal education.   



Key words: legal awareness, legal behavior of an individual, legal education, illegal motivation, antisocial orientation.






Volchenkov Vladimir


Kislyy Oleg


Lukashin Mikhail


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On the Issue of Operational Search Support for the Investigation of Crimes

  Taking into account the practical experience and theoretical material obtained in the course of scientific activity of the authors, they analyzed certain aspects of operational search activities, which allow to ensure the first and second stages of crime investigation, taking into account the emerging investigative and operational search situations. The authors developed a comprehensive approach to the issues dealing with the latency of crimes, which hinders their investigation by criminal procedural measures only, as they require not only the skillful use of forces and means, but also the use of many of them. The authors also consider the concept of operational search support as a set of measures based on the system of operational search knowledge, which allows employees of investigative departments to effectively investigate crimes, spending minimal time, as well as forces and funds.


Key Words: on the system of operational search knowledge, which allows employees of investigative departments to effectively investigate crimes, spending minimal time, as well as forces and funds.




Kovalchuk Maksim


Tychinin Sergey


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On Imperfections of Legal Regulation of Insolvency (Bankruptcy) of Agricultural Organizations in Russia


The article discusses the imperfections of the legal regulation of insolvency (bankruptcy) of agricultural organizations in Russia. The authors examine the notion of agricultural organization in the norms of the Russian legislation and identify the problems in the conceptual framework. They also give their assessment of the role of the trustee in bankruptcy, which helps in finding shortcomings in the legislation regarding the implementation of the financial recovery procedure. The norms of the Federal Law On Insolvency (Bankruptcy) and of the Federal Law On Financial Recovery of Agricultural Commodity Producers are analyzed. According to the authors, there is an urgent need to revise the requirements for the education of a trustee in bankruptcy in order to have a detailed account of the specifics of agricultural production during the implementation of the financial recovery of agricultural organizations.   



Key words: legislation, insolvency, bankruptcy, agricultural organization, agricultural commodity producer, trustee in bankruptcy, financial recovery, specification, creditor, debts, food security, nature of land use.






 Malimonova Anastasiya


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Food Security Crimes as an Object of Forensic Researches

  Food security crimes are an object of forensic researches. Although a high level of awareness of the crimes exists globally, there is a lack of academic research into the phenomenon. Forensic literature on selected food security offenses is actively developing, but its complex study has not yet been conducted. The author provides legal definitions of the term of food security contained in international law, as well as in the legislation of the Russian Federation. The article substantiates the need to develop the concept of the food security crimes, due to the lack of such in the criminal law. The article describes and briefly characterizes the specific features of the food security crimes, drafts the concept of food security crimes in the forensic terms.


Key Words: food security crimes, food security, forensic concept of the food security crimes, crimes system, food products





Marukhno Vasilisa


Rudenko Yevgeniya


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The Ability of Goods to Be Consumed as Their Main Property


The concept of goods is one of the key concepts in law and legislation. Goods satisfy the property needs which are constantly arising. Despite the fact that the concept of goods is interdisciplinary, the primary and basic regulation of issues related to goods is and should be implemented in terms of civil law. The authors examine the main, in their opinion, property of goods as a civil legal category. This property is the ability of goods to be consumed. Thus, the authors conclude that this property predetermines the objects that can become goods (these are tangible objects not reduced only to thing); the subjects of sales transactions (entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs, as consumption does not depend on the fact if a person is an entrepreneur or not); and, accordingly, its legal regulation, i. e. civil legal   



Key words:  goods, property, property relations, commodity-money relations, consumption, need






Pozdnyakov Aleksandr


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International Cooperation in the Fight Against Crime in the Context of Economic Sanctions: the Operational Search Aspect

  The article discusses the problematic issues related to the implementation of the tasks of operational search activities by the internal affairs bodies in the field of combating economic crimes. Large sums of money obtained by illegal means are “laundered” not only by legalization of the money within the country, but also by its flowing abroad. Thus, international operational search activities aimed at preventing economic crimes are possible if there is effective interaction with law enforcement agencies of other countries. The author analyzes the local and international regulatory acts governing this institution, formulates the problems associated with their application in practice, and suggests ways to solve these problems. Particularly, in order to increase the efficiency of information exchange on stolen and legalized assets, the author proposes to create a common database and an universal domestic information web portal named Tools and Resources for Enhancing Anti-Corruption Knowledg


Key words: economic security, units of economic security and anti-corruption, information support of operational search activitiespunishment, goals of punishment, minors, criminal law, social justice, education, measure of influence.





Poryvayeva Polina



Yelena Vasilyevna

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Issues of Reliability of the Methods of Conducting an Expert Experiment

This article discusses the conditions for conducting an expert experiment and the problems of obtaining reliable information for comparative research, related to the socalled subjective expert opinion. The authors raise the questions about the influence of the conditions of the experiment both on its individual stages and on the final results. The authors also consider the factors affecting the effectiveness of the expert experiment and analyse the characteristic features of the expert’s conclusion within the framework of the trace examination. These features have a significant evidentiary value based on the results of the expert experiment. An assessment of the results of an expert experiment in the framework of a mathematical and statistical approach is presented   



Key words: expert experiment, trace evidence, particular sign, mathematical and statistical approach, probabilistic and statistical evaluation







Khit Yana


Tashchiyan Arshak


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The Nature of Legal Liability for the Use of Doping in Sport


  This article touches upon the criminal liability for the use of the substances and (or) methods prohibited for use in sports. The authors consider the generic, specific, and direct objects of this misdeed, give a detailed description of the subject, considers the acts that are part of the objective side, examines the subjective side and the list of the persons who are part of the subject of crimes provided for in Articles 230.1 and 230.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The authors highlight the existing problems in criminal legislation and suggest the possible ways to improve it in this area. Attention is also paid to international aspects, which indicates the transnational nature of the issues of the use of substances and (or) methods prohibited in sports, including the disciplinary responsibility provided for by the World Anti-Doping Code of 2003.


Key Words: criminal liability, doping, prohibited substances and (or) methods, antidoping policy, improvement of criminal legislation.




Trifonova Kristine


Shumilina Anastasiya


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Legal Regulation of Advertising Activities Abroad 

The article examines the features of legal regulation of advertising activities in foreign countries. The authors consider the basic categories of modern mechanisms of legal regulation of advertising activities in the European Union. Using the example of French and English law, the authors conclude that the national foundations of modern mechanisms for legal regulation of advertising activities in Europe do not necessarily transpose the EU rules because of the prevailing traditions of successful regulation in a number of European countries, including the advertising field   



Key words: business, advertising, foreign states, national law, international private law, business law.






Yakovets Yevgeniy


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Some Topical Theoretical and Practical Problems of Operational Search Activities

  This article discusses the problems of operational search activities that remain either not investigated at all, or need further study. The need to study these problems is determined by changes in the socio-economic life of society, in the structure and dynamics of crime, in the Russian legislation, as well as by the current state of the theory of this activity and many other factors. Special attention is paid to the following issues: methodological problems of operational search activity (language of theory, methods of cognition); the essence of some of the latter (investigative accounting, service dogs); problems of correlating the operational search measures and investigative activities; the compliance of names of investigative activities and their content; the options open to the assistance of citizens in the implementation of operational search activities; problems of operational search tactics to combat computer crime; organizational measures in the course of ensuring information security of subjects of operational search activities; organization of operational search activities under special conditi


Key words: operational search activities, methodological problems, operational search measures, public participation of citizens, cybercrime, organizational measures.









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